Exhibition in Grang De Paul Art Gallery in the Netherlands

I would like to announce my exhibition in a group exhibition in the Grang De Paul Gallery in Den Bosch in the Netherlands from March 17 to April 29, 2017. The title of the exposition is: Astronomical and Meteorological Spring in March 2017″. The opening hours are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 17:00 pm. The address is Handelskade 14, 5211TH, Den Bosch.

I made four 2-D Art works inspired by our universe. The technique used is the Glazed Horsehair Raku. I fire the glaze firing after the bisque firing at 1035 Celcius. When it cools down to 700 Celcius I take out the work and burn on the horsehair, sugar and spray with ferric chloride what give the brownish shining color.

2017 Feb 26 _ Galaxy _ Glazed Horsehair Raku _ 54cmx44xm _ Swanica Ligtenberg_1

“GALAXY” 54cm x 44cm









2017 Feb 26 _ Milky Way _ Glazed Horsehair Rakum _ 54cmx44cm _ Swanica Ligtenberg_1

“MILKY WAY” 54 x 44cm









2017 Feb 26 _ Star Galaxy _ Glazed Horshair Raku _ 64cmx49cm _ Swanica Ligtenberg_1

“STAR GALAXY” 64cm x 49cm








2017 Feb 26 _ The Birth of a Star _ Glazed Horsehair Raku_ 64cmx49cm _ Swanica Ligtenberg_1

“THE BIRTH of a STAR” 64cm x 49cm