Nepal Exhibition

Announcement of the Nepal Exhibition.

Some of my ceramic works I had left with a friend in Kamakura, Japan. Now I donated everything to my friend Steve Tootell who organizes an exhibition at the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo of ceramic works from many well-known artists. The money of this charity event will go to Nepal!

“If you are in Tokyo please come to International School of the Sacred Heart and seize the opportunity to acquire remarkable works at super reasonable prices and support NEPAL SEEDS. Thanks to Euan Craig, Swanica Ligtenberg, Douglas Black, Charlie Odum, Kusakabe Masakazu, Joanna Tootell,The Shigas from Fukushima, Laura Inoue, Alberto Gnoli, Roni Veronica Ohara, David Frith, Margaret Frith, George Guine, Ben Brierly, Genevieve Halse, John Dix, Marianne Wilson, Steve Tootell, Dave Telke and many Mashiko potters.” by Steve Tootell.

Nepal Exhibition_2

Exhibition at the International School of the Sacred Heart.

Nepal 3
Nepal 4

My “Horsehair” work and “Kamakura-Red” work.