Andy Ruble workshop

Time flies! 2 month ago I posted my last blog!

In August I did go to a workshop of Andy Ruble: an interesting man and work. He works big and showed us how to make a big vessel with throwing and coiling. I am always working on that skill and always looking for different ways.

Currently Director of Ceramics at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Andy has many prior teaching posts. Andy Ruble received his BFA and MFA and is winner of several competitions and awards, and was a participant in many nationally juried exhibitions.
The heart of his work is the mixing of organic and architectural structure. As objects in nature and man-made objects reflect the same natural laws, we see in his work how the analogous structures of both are important to the survival of the whole. His work simultaneously conveys the beauty of natural arches and the grace of cathedral naves.

He started with throwing a big base bowl.

To continue to build upon this base he has to wait until it hardens. This can take a long time. So, he starts torching the base and it literally starts to fume as the water evaporates until it feels stiff and leatherhard.

Andy scores the rim and then puts slip on it so the coils with stick and integrate with the base.

He puts 5 coils on the base and then starts to compress and throwing and shaping them. He repeats the process of torching, scoring, slipping coiling and shaping/compressing 3 more times.

After the 4th time coiling. The vessel has a beautiful shape. Andy has to stand on a stool to be above his work and to be able to see what he does.

He is shaping the collar.

Then he decorates his vessel with a beautiful square shape made in a plaster mold.

Thank you Andy!