Simon Leach workshop




Already 3 weeks ago I attended a workshop by Simon Leach at the Civic Art Center in Walnut Creek, California.


He is the grandson of Bernard Leach a master potter from Great Britain. I know Hamada Tomoo, the grandson of Hamada Shoji a master potter and National Living Treasure from Mashiko Japan.



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Bernard Leach and Hamada Shoji are two very famous and influential potters for their countries and for the international ceramic world and history and they were good friends.


So, I wanted to meet the grandson, Simon Leach.

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Bernard Leach built a pottery studio in St.Ives, not too far from Cornwall in England. He and his friend Hamada Shoji were making history by working diligently to prevent the loss of one of the world’s most important art forms: pottery.



Simon never had the opportunity to work with his grandfather. The family moved away and his life in the beginning walked a different path. But by traveling around he started to discover the pottery way of life. And he never could forget the simplistic yet idealistic advise of his grandfather: “Look to combine beauty and function in a pot; A pot is a living thing”.



Simon himself says on his website:

“Growing up surrounded by a family of potters, I draw on those early influences: the work of my Father, (David Leach), and Grandfather, (Bernard Leach), Japanese and Korean art. I have assimilated my surroundings; therefore my work has become a natural expression of what is personal to me. I find the ongoing challenge of discovering my own visual language and voice as a potter both exciting and rewarding. 
It is a lifetime journey.”


It was a wonderful workshop. He is a very functional potter and watching him work very precisely was refreshing and delightful.