2013 Feb. Kamakura-Red Ceramics Exhibition

My Kamakura-Red Ceramics exhibition started last Tuesday February the 19th at the Yu Gallery on the Komachi Dori (street) in Kamakura in Japan.












Please, watch my YOU TUBE VIDEO of the exhibition: http://youtu.be/xyBG_e42mmQ

And on Facebook some pictures of the exhibition: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151738377619112.623161.686069111&type=1





Kamakura-Red new work for my Yu Gallery exhibition


Next week will be my exhibition at the Yu Gallery in Kamakura from February 19 – 25 every day from 10 – 5 pm with my Kamakura-Red and Horsehair ware. The reception will be on Wednesday the 20th from 3 – 5 pm.

Here is some new work.



Kamakura-Red Bori “Sakura” Box.


Some small Kamakura-Red Bori “Sakura” Boxes.







Kamakura-Red “Sakura” Vase.








Kamakura-Red “Peddle Leaf” Vase.








Some Kamakura-Red Bori Spheres.





Trip to the Snow Festival in Sapporo, Hokkaido


Last Sunday, Adriaan and I went to Sapporo on the northern island of Japan Hokkaido to the Snow Festival “Yuki Matsuri”. It was my belated birthday present and a good way still to see something from Japan before we leave this great place at the end of this month.


The festival is one week and so this was the weekend with lots of tourists.

There were wonderful snow and ice sculptures of big buildings and some very big compositions of figures.

This one is the Kabuki Theater (a very traditional Japanese theater play).


Some were Manga or Cartoon figures for which I don’t care too much, but still very well done. There was a competition with countries as

Sweden, Indonesia and Korea etc. 






The sculptures were in the Odori Park, a very long park. It would take about 2 hours to make the whole round.
In another street were the smaller ice sculptures.




You can look through them which gives a very interesting effect.

Then we enjoyed some good food, a great Onsen to relax and a very enjoyable dinner at the parent’s house of and with a friend from Tokyo. How small is the world!

Charlotte Uden’s Ceramics Exhibition at ISSH in Tokyo


Charlotte opened her first ceramic show at the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo on Thursday February 7. She was a student at this school during High School and Steve Tootell was her ceramics teacher. You can watch a VIDEO of her show on YouTube and Vimeo:


She made the High-fire ware with Steve Tootell during the first week of January.



This is her high-fire Heart Teapot.


This is the Kamakura-Red ware made at my workshop. She made clay stamps with a wood impression and then used that to impress it into her work. She made incense burners, Hashi holders and vases.








This is her Horsehair ware and got wonderful results with the vases and boxes. She also the previous blog: http://swanceramics.com/2013/01/31/charlotte-assistant-student-for-5-weeks/



Those are some of her Horsehair boxes.


She raised all the money for the charity Nepalseeds.org where she went last year with ISSH.