Charlotte assistant student for 5 weeks

Charlotte , a student from the Bennington College from Connecticut, works and helps me in my workshop for 5 weeks. She works very hard, learns fast and is very pleasant to work with. She has very much her own ideas and initiatives and keeps a wonderful logbook.

We started with throwing on the wheel for the Kamakura-Red ware and for the Horsehair ware. She made her own wood stamps and used them on her vases, incense burners and hashi holders.

Charlotte proudly showing her Kamakura-Red Teapot.

This morning we opened the kiln which we fired together and the results just
were spectacular!! Just 2 small works of mine stuck to the stilts. Hers were all alright with the most wonderful red color. We are very proud.

So, then in the afternoon we didn’t need to re-glaze and we started with the Horsehair raku. Again we continued until we had finished 8 vases and six boxes.

Charlotte applies the horsehair.

                                                                                                 Charlotte assesses her vases.

What a wonderful accomplishing day!! 🙂

Those were my last firings in Japan for the moment. We will leave Japan at the end of this month and return to the USA and to the Netherlands. Very sad. But this was about to happen. 3 Continents is a little too much to maintain.