Super trees in Singapore’s ‘Gardens by the Bay’

On my way to Japan I am visiting Singapore and Jakarta.

In Singapore I did go to “The Gardens by the Bay”. This is a¬†forest made of concrete and steel like an urban jungle. Eighteen man-made trees can create their own energy and try to recreate green. The trees have their own living skin: a layer of 160.000 plants and creepers that will eventually grow over the whole structure.

A 120 meter suspended walkway allows the visitors to view the gardens as if they were in a tree canopy. 11 of the trees are fitted with special cells to generate solar power for lighting. Others service air exhaust for the giant greenhouses and for collecting water.

The air-conditioned cool and dry Flower Dome is filled with thousands of plants and trees from around the world.

The Cloud Forest Dome is humid and cool mainly because of the tremendously high waterfall. You walk around in this mountain and every where are explanations about the plants and flowers.
The whole park is one big educational tool about the harmony in the environment in which we live and the importance of plants in our life.


It was all very interesting and we had a wonderful time.

My youngest son’s wedding

My youngest son Arjan married his high school sweet heart Katie on September the 22nd.
They are very happy and were ready to take this next important step.

The newly-wed couple Katie and Arjan and the parents.

Our little family: Swanica, Maarten and Mindy, Arjan and Katie, Roland and Cameryn, Adriaan.
It was wonderful and we all had a great time!