Back at Kusakabe-san place

It has been quite a while I saw Kusakabe-san.


Kusakabe-san fixing one of his tools.


We planned to do a workshop together, but then the disasters hit and he travelled around the world doing workshops and building kilns for more than a year. And he continues to spread his knowledge all over the world, so, I was really lucky to be able to spend 2 days at his wonderful farm/studio house in Miharu.


Yasmin showing her decorated painted bowl. 





Look at the rabbit!






It is quite a while travelling, but the Japanese landscape is beautiful and the rice fields are so green.
And then of course you wonder and have discussions about and all the implications from the nuclear disaster because he lives in Fukushima prefecture.


This is one of his shelves is his gallery.



We had some quiet time together, fixing things, visits from friends and visiting the Miharu museum and friends and galleries. He made some charcoal in his oil kiln for a special project and we listened to some beautiful classical music.


Visiting a gallery of a friend of Kusakabe-san and meeting a friend. A beautiful old treasure house.




Every dot in this collage is a little square piece of paper. Just incredible! And this is the waterfall cherry blossom tree “Takizakura”: one of the attractions for which Miharu is famous. (See my blog from