Mashiko donation display

Mashiko is still in a difficult situation because of the earthquake. A lot of the noborigamas, anagamas and other kilns are still broken and also the “Sankokan”, Reference Museum of Hamada Shoji, a National Living Treasure of Mashiko who made Mashiko famous, is in big disrepair.  The customers can make donations by putting money in the pot or by buying cups donated by the grandson of  Hamada Shoji, Hamada Tomoo and Matsuzaki Ken and Baba Yuchiko. This is my donation display in my Kamakura-Red “Sakura” exhibition.


The Kamakura-Red Sakura Exhibition

Today, my Kamakura-Red “Sakura” exhibition opened. It was a good day. Some people came in to browse, others to talk and some other ones who bought some work. They are always amazed by this red color. And some think it is the Kamakura Bori wood art. And then of course the communication is sometimes hand and foot work because of the language. It can be frustrating but we also laugh a lot. Then I have some artworks from some famous Mashiko potters: Hamada Tomoo, Matsuzaki Ken and Baba Yuchiko. The money of the sale of their cups will be a donation for the Reference Museum, the Sankokan which is in big disrepair because of the earthquake and of course just donations can be given. Please, enjoy the movie I took today from my show:

Return to Mashiko

Finally, I made it back to Mashiko. It was wonderful to see the rebuilt kilns from Matsuzaki Ken-san’s Anagama plus Noborigama

and Hamada Tomoo-san’s Noborigama and Salt Kiln

So, things are getting better in Mashiko, but it is still very difficult for all the people to survive. Some Japanese tourists are coming and buying pottery, but the foreign tourists stay away. Please, donate to Mashiko for further rebuilding of this beautiful, historical pottery town.

Matsuzaki-san, Hamada-san and Yuchiko Baba-san donated cups to my “Sakura” exhibition for next week in Kamakura where customers can buy the cups as donation or give donations for the “Sankokan”, the Reference Museum of Hamada Shoji which still needs to be repaired from the damage of the earthquake.

I stayed at the Minshuku of Furuki-san from the Tao Art Clay Center while I was in Mashiko: He did a wonderful job renovating and rebuilding the whole Minshuku.
The next video shows the progress he made in repairing his wood fire kiln site of anagamas:


Flower of Life Design in Herod’s Palace

In February in between treatments I was in Japan for 2 1/2 weeks. It was not easy to go back, but when I was there I felt completely at home again and it was 100% alright. I was very busy: administration, financing, preparing my show for the end of March, arranging a treatment for March in Japan and of course meeting lots of friends and going to galleries.

I still want to show you a beautiful design of the Flower of Life what I saw in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. This mosaic floor comes from one of Herod’s palaces the Herodium, south of Jerusalem. It is square with the geometric shape of the Flower of Life in its center decorated with palmettes and pomegranates decorated in the corners. This was made 2000 years ago! Just astonishing.

These geometrical forms are said to act as a template from which all life springs. See also my blog from Friday August 5, 2011: