Beautiful autumn colors!

This morning I received my next Herceptin treatment. The nurse Denise helped me very well and I was quickly done(2 hours). Otherwise, I start to heal from the radiation and my hair is growing back: a very short bold hairstyle!!!

During my drive home I photographed some trees with beautiful autumn colors. The sun was shining on it like high lighting all the leaves. Just beautiful!


Bob and Sandy Kinzie workshop

Today, I went to a workshop from Bob and Sandy Kinzie.  Bob is a professional potter for about sixty years. His wife Sandy joined him like ten years ago and uses his textured slabs thrown on a wheel as a basis for all kinds of hand-builded functional pottery. Their website is:

Some years ago Bob showed and taught me how to throw big, but when I read he and his wife were doing this workshop together, I was ready again to learn from this amazing knowledgeable couple. The workshop was at the Junior Museum and Zoo in Palo Alto and it was so fun to go there, because I have been there a lot with my boys when they were small. They were set up in the Clayroom. It was great to see them and meet some other friends.

Bob talked about the clay, the throwing techniques and the position of his body and his hands. Here he is centering the clay.

Opening up the centered clay.

Pulling up the clay.

Putting slip on the outside and then decorating the slip with any kind of object which can make a mark like a piece of a comb.

Expending the cylinder which makes the decoration very interesting.

Sandy uses an already leather-hard decorated slab to make a vase.

She is tracing the shape of a vase and cutting it out.

Scoring the borders and putting slip before putting the two slabs together.

When the piece is assembled there is still a lot of finishing work left to close the seams properly so it won’t leak and the make some repairs in the decoration at the borders.

Thank you for the wonderful day!