Canada and radiation

It is already a while ago that I wrote. Time flies.

I had a wonderful time in Canada with my sister Maaike and husband Ruud. They live in British Columbia above Vancouver. Their house has a view over the ocean, they have a garden with lots of flowers and a vegetable garden, some ducks, some chickens, a cat and a Malamute dog: big and beautiful. We stayed mostly around the house and on Saturday had a forestry tour for around 80 people from their village organized by Ruud, who is a forester. British Columbia is beautiful!

Then on Monday the 12th, after my return I had my Herceptin treatment. Now, it took only around 3 hours. The next day, they had a trial run for the radiation. On Wednesday some r-rays and then they told me I would start radiation the next day. I was a little surprised, because I am still very anemic. But I don’t have any chemo anymore, so, it only can get better! So, today I received my 8th treatment out of 33. The most time I spent is in the waiting room, although sometimes I can come in right away and the adjusting for the right position and pulling on the sheet underneath me for 1 mm to the right or 1 cm up etc. Then the zapping is for 30 sec. and 10 sec. on the left side and around 45 sec. on the right side where they performed the lumpectomy. So, that is all very fast. In the meantime, I am back in the workshop again and that feels wonderful! I feeling better and much stronger and even bicycle forth and back to the hospital again. The weather is still beautiful, so I have to take advantage and get the exercise.

Thanks to you all, family and friends for your continued support!