Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf

All my hair is gone. I looked very old and sick with just some hair and bold patches, so, Adriaan helped me with shaving it off.  It looks much better and young again and Adriaan thinks I am a model now! 🙂 I get to play with lots of scarfs, hats and wigs and this one is a Dutch farmer’s handkerchief, which I declare as my Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf!! Just make it positive and have fun!
Tomorrow up for my 2nd chemo and then done for 50%!!!!


Koyasan and losing my hair

This week, I would have had an exposition during the “Happymaker” Festival at Koyasan, a sacred center of the Shingon Buddhism. Mount Koya is a 900 meter high plateau surrounded by eight peaks. The eight peaks are thought to represent the eight petals of a lotus in bloom, which is suggestive of the core of a mandala with its eight deities arrayed on the eight petals of a lotus, and with the central Buddha at the center of the lotus. Kobo Daishi or Kukai build a monastic complex on this mount in the year 816 . It is a Beautiful Dragon painting at the Nanin Temple in Koyasan wonderful spiritual retreat environment within forests and quite cool during summer!

“Happymaker” was started to bring people together with special interests in the art and bringing this art in all kind of representations, into the local community to be enjoyed and experienced by young and old: “making everybody Happy”! I had an exhibition during this festival in 2009.  Look in my archives for the Month of July, 2009.

I wish all the organizers and artists a wonderful exhibition and time together and I hope to join again next time. I miss it, but I am there in spirit.

I start losing my hair now. I know of course, this was going to happen and actually, I don’t really care so much. I have easy hair: short, a little wavy, just wash it and comb it and it looks fine. But still, it is a shock when you just can pull at your hair and it comes out with a hand full. I don’t have the courage yet to shave it all off and to avoid a mess with all hair around. Perhaps, after tonight if really my whole pillow will be full. Well, I am ready for it with my scarfs and hats and a wig!! Or just nothing if I can get use to it!