“Wings” Exhibition at Toko Gallery in Mashiko

The opening reception of my ceramics exhibition at the Toko Gallery in Mashiko was on Saturday November 27, 2010. The title is: “Wings, Love is a bird she needs to fly”.
It is always quite a work to set up the whole show, but very satisfying when you see the result and especially when some wonderful people are helping you. That makes it all so worthwhile. Thank you all very much!!

Also, watch my video on YouTube at the end of this blog. The big video of the dance performance by KAN-ICHI Segawa is at the moment in the editing phase by Rob Oudendijk and Yuka-san Hayashi and will come soon.

Enjoy the show!

The showroom with the Horsehair art.

Adriaan and I.

My new wings!

The Kamakura-Red room!

Beautiful flowers from my family-in-law.



KAN-ICHI Segawa dances on the song “Expressions” composed by Helen Jane Long, the song which was the inspiration for this Wing Show. 
He is a professional dancer and choreographer and designed his dance on the “Expressions” song.




Some more new Kamakura-Red work

For the Mashiko Exhibition Nov. 29 – Dec. 9, 2010.

New set of “Angel” Kamakura-Red teapots.

“Ripples” Kamakura-Red Plate.

“Rolling Wave”

“Flowing River”

“Chrysantheum Box”

“Toward the Middle”


Off to Mashiko!

I just have some minutes to put on some pictures on my blog and then I am off to Mashiko. I am renting a van and friends Rob and Yuka-san come to help me and drive up to Mashiko. Adriaan has problems with his back, so, this is wonderful. Now some pictures.

“Reaching for the stars”

“Flying high”

“Flying towards  the Sun”


Sorry, have to go. Some more later. Watch for the videos!!