Toko Gallery Exhibition in Mashiko

Ceramic Horsehair and Kamakura-Red Exhibition: “Wings: love is a bird, she needs to fly”

Toko gallery

postcode 321-4218, Jonaizaka 2, Mashiko-machi, Haga-gun, Tochigi

The dates of the show:Saturday November 27 – Thursday December 9.

Opening hours:10-6pm.Last day till 5pm.Closed on Friday December 3rd.

Reception on Saturday November 27 from 6-9pm.

With performance of a dance by KAN-ICHI-san (Segawa)


Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery

Alexander Salazar has his fine arts gallery in downtown San Diego. He liked my Kamakura-Red glaze so much, that he asked me to make some work. So, when I went down to San Diego from San Francisco to help my oldest son with his conference,  I brought a big red plate to the gallery and my husband had already taken in the overhead bin of  the airplane from Japan  the big Japonica Kamakura-Red Vase.

This “Encircled Line” Kamakura-red Plate was sold within 3 days!


Family celebrations

I am still in the US or returned to the US from Holland after all the family celebrations. We had a wonderful time being together with our small family and big family especially to celebrate the MSc  graduation of my son Maarten in Holland. (from left to right: Arjan, Maarten, Roland).

And now back to work and returning to Japan to prepare for my exhibition at the Toko Gallery in Mashiko, Japan, from November 27 – December 9, 2010!