Some new Kamakura-Red Ware

I am preparing for a month long trip. First, I will go to the US and help our oldest with his upcoming Music and Technology Conference in San Diego: SDMTC. Please, check out his website and see if you can make it down there. After that, we all go to Holland for the Masters graduation in BioTechnology of our middle son Maarten and the celebration of our 30st anniversary and our little family (5) will be together for a couple of days. After the big graduation party we will all return to our special corner in this world: Roland to San Diego, Maarten to Stockholm, Arjan to Chicago and Adriaan and I to Kamakura.

But first some pictures showing some new work from this nice, warm, hot, humid, with sea breeze and warm, clean sea SUMMER!!!

First, for an order in San Diego: A Kamakura-Red “Japonica” Vase. Size: H24″/60cm x W16″/40cm.

Then I made a big plate with a sculpted wave “nami” on it. The drying was difficult, but the result is beautiful!
The Kamakura-Red “Nami” Plate. Size: H 3,5″/9cm, W 16,5″/42cm.

And I made some small incense boxes.

This is the Kamakura-Red “Marguerite” Box. Size: H 0.75″/2cm x W 1,5″/4cm.

The Kamakura-Red “Line” Box is H 1.5″/4cm x W 3″/7.5cm.

And I made more work, but those pictures you will get later. Hope you enjoyed it!