Beautiful Lotus Pond

It has been a while I wrote a blog.

I am already preparing¬† my next show in November in the Toko Gallery in Mashiko. I had a show there also in 2007 and they show continually work from me. My theme for the show is: “Wings: Love is a bird, it needs to fly”.

So, I am doing some horsehair ceramics and sculptural works. Quite challenging.

We enjoy living near the sea and go often for a swim. The water is warm and quite clear. During the day, when it is nice weather, it is simmering hot and humid, but luckily in the evening we have a nice breeze. Sometimes it storms and rains, because of a faraway typhoon.
In my outside workshop I have a big fan and exhaust, which fans out the hot air especially when I fire a kiln. I glaze my ware early in the morning, because after the noon hour it is too hot.

Last week, I was sick, so, you take it slow and everything is too much. But luckily I am better again.
Today, I first went out for a cup of coffee and read Bill Geisinger’s book about Potters in Japan. Very interesting and enjoyable especially when you recognize potters, methods and work.
Then I biked to the Hachimangu shrine with the big pond, which was filled with the Lotus flowers. What a sight! I sat down under the shade of a Wisteria patch, felt the breeze on my face, saw dragonflies and a butterfly, a little bird on a big Lotus leaf and pigeons and the beautiful pink and white Lotus flowers.

I returned to my comfortable house and thought how lucky I am that I can live this life, thinking about the millions of people suffering from floods, landslides, illnesses, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. I am really thankful.