“Swan Art Gallery” Opening

1b) Sign on town street_72_1
Two days ago I had the opening of my gallery in my little house in Kamakura. The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day.1a) Sign on beach street_72_1

Some old and new friends came and some interested¬† people who read the news of the opening in the newspaper or had heard it on the Kamakura 82.8FM radio. They all were interested in my work and gallery and liked it a lot. And my “Japanese” explanations went well.

On both paths towards the house I had put banners and in front of the gate of the house I put my clay sign.1c) Sign in front of front gate_72_1

1f) Swan Art Gallery_72_1

1g) Swan Art Gallery_72_1
This is the gallery in the down- stairs room of the house.

1h) Dining room Workshopspace_72_1

This is my workshop on the second floor in the dining room. 1i) Kiln shed outside_72_1jpg
The dining room table is used now as a worktable.

To the right is the shed the landlord built last summer. If he hadn’t, we would have moved. But he wanted us to stay, so, I did get my shed for the kiln and spray booth!

1j) Demonstration_72_1
I also gave some demonstrations, which the people liked a lot. Some never saw the throwing of a pot on a wheel, and so, it was very revealing for them. Then when I teach my students, they are amazed how difficult it actually is, compared by watching me doing it, which looks then so very easy.

Thank you all for coming! And please, don’t be shy. Everybody is welcome!

Opening “Swan Art Gallery”

This Saturday, January 16, 2010 I will open the ” Swan Art Gallery” in my house in Kamakura, Japan. It will open at 10:00am and I will give pottery demonstrations on the wheel at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00pm.

You are all very welcome!

After that the gallery will be open on Monday thru Friday from 10:00-16:00 o’clock and on weekends by appointment.
Opening Swan Art Gallery_1

To Stockholm with my son Maarten

Maarten in his room_1View Stockholm_1
After New Years I went to Stockholm with my son Maarten to see where he lives. He does cancer research at the Karolinska Institutet for his Masters for 8 months. He lives again in one room after living in a bigger apartment, but it is still quite big.
It also snowed in Stockholm and it was quite cold. Stockholm is a great city with a wonderful architecture.


We had breakfast in this restaurant, a typical old style house.

We had a nice time together for one day and then I returned to Holland to return the next day to Japan.

New Years Celebration in The Netherlands

New Years Eve celebrations in Holland are as divers as the people, but with the recent economical situation a lot of people go back to old traditions like having the party at home, watching TV or playing boardgames together.


My sister-in-law Inge, my son Roland and niece Esmee.

We played a board game from about a hundred years ago, which our grandfather played from my husband’s family side. It is played once a year on New Year’s Eve. It is about farmers being afraid of having to pay too much taxes. We play with old Dutch pennies not being used anymore because of the Euro.

Then at 12 midnight after wishing everybody a Happy New Year and drinking champagne, everybody rushes outside to light fireworks with a big bang starting the New Year! It is not organized. Anybody can light fireworks. It is everywhere around you!  Watch this YOU TUBE VIDEO!!