Holiday Show at Gallery House

Last Friday was the reception of the opening of the Holiday Show at the Gallery House. The show looks great and I made some new 2D Horsehair Wall Art. I had fun making the “Flying High Wings”. They are made from one plate.

Flying High 2D Wings,72_4
Flying High 2D Wings,72_3

Flying High 2D Wings,72_1

Flying High 2D Wings,72_2

Front room red ware_1

Some red war in the front room of the gallery.
My cubby,72_1

My cubby with the horsehair ware and red ceramic ware.

California Clay ’08 Exhibition

Yesterday, I went to Fresno with Yonsoo Chung to go to the reception of the California Clay ’08 exhibition with selected works from the Association of Clay and Glass Artists at the Fresno City College in the Art Space Gallery. They used my horsehair plate for the invitation.

Flyer Cal.Clay '08_1

It was quite a long drive of 6 hours forth and back, but being in each others company, sharing the driving and a good dinner, the time passed by quickly.

The exhibition was in a nice building and it was set-up beautifully.

Yonsoo’s artwork was hanging directly on the wall when you enter the gallery.
Yonsoo Chung_1

And my artwork was standing in the back on a table: a beautiful spot.


Some other artwork. Sorry, I don’t know all the names of the artists.

Group of works_1

Group of works_2

Fred Yokel_1

Fred Yokel

Cynthia Segal_1

Cynthia Siegel

Swan Yonsoo_1

The exhibition was beautiful. Thanks to Edward Lund and Bob Kizziar.

Yonsoo and Swanica.