Kusakabe-san and Marc Lancet workshop in Santa Clara, CA

Masakazu Kusakabe-san and Marc Lancet gave a workshop together on Spetember 13 in Santa Clara at ClayPlanet.

They wrote a book together about Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics and built the Dancing Wood Fire Kiln at Solano College in California.
12) Woodfired Ceramics Book

Marc Lancet is the Director of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the Solano College. He apprenticed at Kusakabe-san’s, who is a potter, ceramic artist, painter, teacher, kiln builder in Japan. That is how a friendship started and the book was one of the results.

Kusakabe-san showed his throwing skills by making Japanese bowls with a porcelain clay. Marc worked with a very coarse clay: grogzilla to built his sculptural vases.

1) Kusa Marc_1

Marc showing is slab throwing technique.

2) Kusak explaining_1

Kusakabe-san throwing and explaining.

3) Kusak cup stick_1

Kusakabe-san altering the cup.

4) Kusak drawing in clay_1

Kusakabe-san drawing in a slab colored with slips.

5) Kusak Sumie_1

Kusakabe-san painting Sumie brushpaintings.

6) Marc print in clay_1

Marc showing his textured slabs.

7) Marc slabs_1

Marc put colored slips on the slabs and on top of that Sodium Silicate, a liquid glass, which hardens the surface. Then when he increases the size of the slabs by slapping it on the block, it will crack the surface of the clay.

8) Kusak. Marc slab_1

A collaboration slab.

9) Marc vase slabs_1

Marc’s vases.

10) Kusa Marc throwing_1

Throwing together.

11) Marc vase slabs throwing_1

Marc’s altered thrown-slab vase will be fired in the Dancing Fire Kiln at the Solano Community College.

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