Mashiko and the Toko Gallery

Every time I’m in Japan I go to Mashiko to visit some friends and the Toko Gallery.
I go with a train from Kamakura straight to Utsunomiya which takes 3 hours. Then I take the bus to Mashiko for one hour and arrive at the Toko Gallery or go to Furuki-san and will meet with Tomoko-san.

This time I had to bring some new red ware to the Toko Gallery. Japanese people like the color and style very much.

They put my horsehair ware in its own cabinet. This looks perfect in that corner when you enter the store!
Cabinet horsehair Toko_1

Cabinet horsehair Toko_2

House ricefield_1

You stay in urban surroundings during the train ride, but after 15 minutes in the bus and leaving Utsunomiya, you arrive in the beautiful country side. And the rice fields are now so beautifully green and the rice stalks high.
Big stretch of ricefield_1 Japanese farmhouse entrance_1
Big farmhouse with entrance gate house.
Beautiful rooftop_1

Beautiful roof top and decoration.

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Award Ceremony Mino Competition

The award ceremony of the 8th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan was on August the 1st, 2008.

I left on the train from Kamakura early in the morning. I arrived 3 1/2 hours later just in time for the Opening Ceremony. After the opening talk by the mayor of the city and the organizer of the competition the judges and Grand Prix winners cut the ribbon.

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1)Cutting of ribbon, Opening ceremony,72_1

The exhibition was opened! We admired it and were proud on our accomplishment.

2)Plate in Mino exhibition,72_1

It is a very spacious set-up. The woman is looking at my¬† “Cosmos Horsehair Plate”.

3)Plate in Mino exhibition,72_1

4)Medium close-up Plate,72_1

5)Close-up Plate,72_1

6)Award Ceremony reception,72_1

The Award Ceremony and Reception.

11) Certificate,72_1

My plate received an Honorable Mention.

8) Cover of Catalogue,72_1

The Catalogue with all pictures of the winner’s pieces.

9) 2 pages inside catalogue,72_1

10) close-up plate inside catalogue,72_1