Komyoji Lotus

I’m back in Japan and the weather is of course quite hot and humid. But you adjust and luckily in my little house there is air conditioning.

The first thing I did was walking on the beach, seeing lots of vacationers and going to the neighborhood temple, the Komyoji. Kishu Teien garden has a pond with beautiful lotus lilies,turtles and dragonflies.
The lotus or sacred lotus is called “Nelumbo”, which is an aquatic plant with large, showy, water lily-like flowers. This is the well-known national flower of India.

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4) Komyoji pond_1

5) Dragonfly_1

A dragon fly on top of the lotus.

3)Swimming turtle_1

A turtle swimming around with its head peeking out.

2) Turtles_1

Turtles bathing in the sun.

1)lantern water basin_1

Lantern and water basin in a rock with a bamboo drip faucet.

Mashiko Judges’ Commendation Award 2008

My “Circles of Life” Horsehair Bowl received a Judges’ Commendation Award in the Mashiko Ceramics Competition of 2008! The piece will be exhibited in the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Arts from October 12 – December 7, 2008.

Circles of Life Horsehair Bowl, 36cm by 5 to 12cm,72_1

“Life is continuous like a dance. By dancing together and turning in circles, you watch and balance your steps to find happiness and laughter together.”