Artists Without Borders

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I donated some art work to Steve Tootell, a ceramics educator and potter in Japan for the past 23 years, who is a member of ‘Artists Without Borders” which includes artists; musicians; entertainers and other creative professionals who support “Artists Without Borders”.

In 1999 a new humanitarian organization was founded by Hector Sierra and by foreign and Japanese artists in Tokyo.
This organization works to give the real pleasures of childhood back to kids in war torn areas of the world through art.
Volunteers travel to areas like Afghanistan/ Chechnya/ Kosovo New York/ Armenia/Georgia/Abkhazia/East Timor and Colombia and creating life-changing situation for desperate kids using simple art projects and materials.
Steve is collecting work from potters around the world for a group charity exhibition to be held in Tokyo by the end of 2008 called “POTTERS WITHOUT BORDERS JAPAN”.
Over the past 20 years he has raised over 35,000 US Dollars selling his own work helping kids projects and various organizations around the world.

This exhibition will be unusual in that it will be a group exhibition for the first time.
The current members of the exhibition:
Lisa Hammond (U.K.) ; Kusakabe Masakazu (Japan-“Japanese Wood fired ceramics”); David Frith (U.K.); Margaret Frith (U.K.); Ruthanne Tudball (U.K.); Euan Craig (Australia); John Dix (U.S.A.); Kelvin Bradford (New Zealand); Wali Hawes (U.K./India/Spain/Japan); Roni Ohara (Hawaii); Daniel Rosen (U.S.A.); Swanica Ligtenburg (Holland); Steve Mills (U.K.); Eric Wedemeyer (U.S.A.); Osni Branco (Brazil); Jenny Thomas (Australia); Pat Southwood (U.K.); Nycole Gagne (Canada); Catherine Powel (U.K.); Daniel Seko (Czech); Nikola Seko (Czech); David Telke (U.S.A.)

Steve Tootell’s website:

Tile Project

I participated in TransCultural Exchange’s Final Installations – Chang Hai International in Beijing, China, and the Kanoria Centre for Arts in Ahmedabad, India.

On May 14, 2004 TransCultural Exchange launched The Tile Project, Destination: The World. For this project over 100 artists, from over 40 countries, donated more than 2000 tiles to 22 world sites to create 22 new, site specific, permanent art works. Their resulting multicultural structures now dot the world landscape from Boston to Beijing, Manila to Mumbai, Toronto to Tel Aviv and 16 other sites in between.

The Tile Project has brought together people from vastly different backgrounds and cultures to create lasting testimonies of international respect and cooperation and not just in one geographic location or art world hot spot, but in 22 sites throughout the world. This project is indeed a testament that global cooperation is possible in this increasingly fractured world.

The great modern architect Stanley Tigerman once said that to him, tiles are both democratic and accessible. Tiles are the essence of what public art has the potential to be ” an art form that can be found anywhere in the world by anyone, no matter what one’s class, race, age or gender; with a purpose and beauty transcending all differences between all people. Since their origin over 8,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, tiles have also been the most enduring markers of cultural history.”

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Tile Bejing,72_2

The Beijing, China Horsehair Tile: “The Sun always Shines 1”.

Tile India,72_2

The Ahmedabad, India Horsehair Tile: “The Sun always Shines 2”.

Gallery House Exhibit

The second exhibit opened in the Gallery House in Palo Alto. It is a Coop gallery with lots of art media. The month June is always the 3D SHOW and this time the title is: “Cast of Characters”. Gallery House Exhibit .

GH show_1

Many paths of life_1

“Many Paths in Life” Wall Art.

Many paths of life_2

Amphora HH_1

Horsehair “Amphora”.

Sun Moon HH Plate,72_1

“Sun and Moon” Horsehair Plate

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Coupa Cosas Exhibit

Last week, I did have openings of 2 exhibits.
The first was the opening of the Coupa Cosas Gallery in Palo Alto with the show of the “Art of Tea and Coffee”.


Art of Tea and Coffee June 6- July 5

I had fun preparing the show, because it has been a while for me to make teapots. I discovered a new way in a teapot for my Bamboo design. And it looks good.
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Teapot, sugar, milk set_3

Milk, sugar and teapot in “Bamboo” design.

Teapot, 2 cups_2

Red Bamboo Mug