Yufuku Gallery

The Yufuku Gallery, Mr. Aoyama-san, accepted 2 horsehair pieces in his gallery in Tokyo. The “Four Season Vase” stands in a cubby in the store and the “Mars Plate” will be used for the Ceramics + Food Exhibition from April 17-25.

Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo_1

The Yufuku Gallery

Cubby Four Season HH Vase_1
Cubby Four Season HH Vase_2
The “Four Season Horsehair Vase”

Invitation card Ceramic Food_1

The invitation card for the Exhibition for Ceramics + Food

This is the “Mars Plate” Aoyama-san will use for the presentation of food.

Mars Plate with food_1

Small announcement.


The exhibition.

Fuji San/ Mount Fuji

Today, I saw Mount Fuji again from our balcony. In the early morning or when the sun goes down behind the mountain, it is the clearest. But of course, far way and for my camera actually too far away.
Mount Fuji from our balcony040708_1
Mount Fuji from our balcony042206_2
This picture was taken 2 years ago, when we just had moved here and a with a bigger lense.

One time, we saw 2 rainbows at the same time from our deck. Incredible!
Double rainbow_1

Cherry Blossoms “Sakura” in Tokyo

The last couple of days, I also walked around in Tokyo and you find the most beautiful amazing parks.
The next pictures are taken at the Kitanomaru National Garden “Koen” at the Imperial grounds and the Yasukuni Shrine “Jinja”.

Just incredible!

Kitanomaru moot,72_1

This is part of the moat going around the Imperial Palace.
Kitanomaru Park,72_2
Kitanomaru Park,72_1
So many people,72_1

And so many people come to look at the cherry blossoms!

TheĀ  Yasukuni Shrine:
Yasukuni Shrine,72_1
Sitting under trees,72_1
Everybody wants to sit underneath the trees and eat or drink and come together in groups.

Red Cherry blossoms Azaleas,72_1
Plum and Azalea
Red cherry blossoms,72_1