Arakawa Toyozo

Arakawa Toyozo was a “National Living Treasure” because of his exquisite Shino and Setoguro ceramics works. He rediscovered the Shino ware. They said Shino ware was produced in Seto, but he found shards in Mino to prove that the Shino wares were fired around Toki and Tajimi City in the Mino area. His discovery set off a spate of kiln excavations, first by Rosanjin Kitaoji and Tokuro Kato.

Arakawa Toyozo Museum in Toki City.

Arakawa Toyozo’s anagama kiln dug into the mountain.

Arakawa’s studio.

Shino was the first white glaze in Japan and with iron brush drawings with an iron glaze made of “oni-ita”, a red clay rich in iron and manganese. The effect of flame in the kiln added distinctive fire marks. There had been no drawn ceramics in Japan until Shino came out.
Shino ware is the spirit of tea, the essence of pottery. It is the result of the flames of the kiln. This information is from the Japanese Pottery Information Center by Robert Yellin:

Shino Bowl from the Momoyama Period with the distinctive pinholes.

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