Work for kamataki (firing)

Work I threw on the wheel: throwing, trimming and transforming. Now, it is being bisque fired in an electric kiln and some pieces tomorrow in an oil kiln.

The gray pieces are the same clay: Gotomaki with very fine charnotte or grog and for the firings for Euan’s. Kusakabe-san’s and Steve’s kilns (high fire). The white pieces already dried and the dark gray is drying. The red clay is a high fire iron clay, but used for the Raku firing (low fire) in Wali’s kiln. We added quite some grog to make it more thermal shock resistant. Who knows what Wali is going to do with his flying kiln.

I like to play and discover and found some new ways for me to transform and decorate with a stick.



This is Furuki-san and his wife, Hiroko-san from the International Tougei Club in Mashiko.

Some assistants, who help you and everybody with anything all day long: Kenji-san and Unno-san and Kim-san.


Fantastic Fire Workshop in Mashiko

I am back again in Mashiko preparing for the Fantastic Fire workshop. Rob Muylaert, also a Dutch participant, visited me in Kamakura and together we came earlier to make pots for the firings.

This is Rob and Swanica at the wheel at the International Tougei Club from Furuki-san (tag Mashiko) where the workshop will be held.
Rob Swanica at wheel,72_1
Swanica at wheel,72_1

The kiln of Kusakabe-san and Euan Craig, I saw being built when I had my show at the Toko Gallery last September, you can look for at the blogs from September about building a wood kiln.
Steve Mills will build his salt kiln when he arrives this Thursday as well as Wali Hawes his flying kiln.

My trip to Italy

It has been a while again, but I went to The Netherlands and Venice and Florence in Italy, because my husband attended a medical conference in Venice.
What a beautiful cities! Incredible! And full of art!
Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy from 1865 to 1870. A center of medieval European trade and finance, the city is often considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and was long ruled by the Medici family. Florence is famous for its magnificent art and architecture. The city has also been called the Athens of the Middle Ages.

This is “Ponte Vecchio” with a special walkway for the Medici family to protect them.
Florence,Ponte Vecchio,72_4

The FlorencFlorence,Cathedral,72_1e Cathedral completely made from different colors marble all around the church. Incredible!

Fresco painted Merchant building.
Beautiful fresco'son Merchant building_1

Venice stretches across numerous small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy.
The Venetian Republic was a major sea power and a staging area for the Crusades, as well as a very important center of commerce (especially the spice trade) and art in the Renaissance. The city-state lost much of its power and importance due to the decline and fall of the Byzantine Empire, which Venice helped to destroy. This was because Turkish control of the Eastern Mediterranean gave the European maritime powers an incentive to find trade routes elsewhere.

Venice with the small canals, bridges and gondolas.

One of the many Palaces along the Grand Canal.

One of the many Roman Catholic Churches. This is the “Chiesa Degli Scali” decorated with all kinds of different marbles and stones and paintings.

This is the “Basilica San Marco”.
Basilica San Marco_1

Everywhere you can buy masks for the famous “Venitian Balls”.